Le SuperClub Vidéotron Ltd., a subsidiary of Quebecor Media, is a 260-store network and one of the largest movie and game rental and retail chain in Canada, operating under the names of Le SuperClub Vidéotron, Vidéotron le superclub, Microplay and Jumbo Video.
The first Le SuperClub Vidéotron video store opened on Jean-Talon Street East, Montreal, Quebec, in October 1989. Today, with more than 180 locations across the province of Quebec, as well as two in Ontario and one in New Brunswick, Le SuperClub Vidéotron is a name recognized and trusted by Quebec consumers and is synonymous with quality and variety in the home entertainment industry. In addition to movie rentals and sales, most locations carry the full line of Vidéotron products, such as illico digital TV, Internet access, residential and wireless telephony, etc. Furthermore, nearly half the locations boast a Microplay store that sells, rents and trades games.
Microplay is a network of stores specializing in the rental, selling and trading of video games. The first Microplay store opened its doors in 1994, in Ottawa, Ontario. Acquired in 2004 by Le SuperClub Vidéotron Ltd., the network has over 90 stores located in Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland and the Maritimes. Through its specialists, Microplay is the only chain to offer such a complete range of services and all of the most recent games.

There are two types of Microplay stores: store within a store-Microplay sections located inside Le SuperClub Vidéotron or Jumbo Video stores and stand-alone-separate Microplay stores on their own premises. Both offer the same quality service and products.
Jumbo Video opened its first store in May 1987, in Guelph, Ontario. Specializing in movie and game rental and retail, Jumbo Video stores are mostly concentrated in Ontario, but are also present in Manitoba, Newfoundland and the Maritimes. Some of the locations have a Microplay section inside their store which sells, rents and trades games.

Acquired by Le SuperClub Vidéotron Ltd. in 2004, Jumbo Video now offers more copies of movies to its clients. The first national chain to offer DVDs to its clients, Jumbo Video has always been concerned with offering products that are adapted to its consumers' needs. With its history and experience in the home entertainment industry and Canadian roots, Jumbo Video inspires confidence in consumers and is always ready to serve all of their home entertainment needs.
To be the Canadian leader in the entertainment and telecommunications business by differentiating ourselves through our employees and by offering our clients the best experience possible while remaining the most profitable in the industry.